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Air Conditioning Installation in Pine Bluff, AR

How many hours have you spent searching for “AC installation near me” in the Pine Bluff, AR area? How many days have you pined over calling the same amateur technician only to be disappointed each time they work on your system? It’s not fun. It’s time to turn things around and work with a team that’s dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction.

The motto at Nicholson's Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. is “customer satisfaction is our #1 goal”—that’s the whole reason we’re in business. We’re tired of air conditioning installations that are faulty, incomplete, and leave people unhappy. It’s a disgrace to the industry, it’s unfair to our community, and it’s just not right. Our technicians are trained in various types of AC installations, with well-stocked trucks that have all the tools they’ll need for the job.

Contact us for anything and everything air conditioning. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal!

Central AC Installation

Central AC installation services must be done by a professional in Pine Bluff, AR. Working with the neighborhood amateur might seem cheaper, but it may void your system warranty and lead to a decade full of problems. When you call us for central AC set-up, we make sure to do it quickly and effectively. We’ll be sure to run the system before we leave, ensuring it meets the standards you need. We won’t give up!

This is why we also perform central AC replacement. AC replacement isn’t an easy process: it involves removing the old system, ensuring that the right replacement is picked out and setting it up properly. Everything needs to work smoothly, otherwise, the whole process can be disrupted. Our guarantee for customer satisfaction means that we’ll always give you comprehensive replacement services that go off without a hitch.

Ductless AC Installation

Too many homeowners in Pine Bluff, AR look at ductless AC systems and think, "That’s small enough to install on my own!" While ductless AC installation might look like a DIY job, it should never be performed without a pro. Misaligned air handlers can fall off the wall, refrigerant lines can spring leaks, and other awful problems have a higher likelihood of occurring when the system is installed without the help of a professional.

We won’t let you down. Our ductless AC installation services, as well as our ductless AC replacement work is based on best practices in the industry. Our technicians have the best equipment on the market, trucks that are stocked with everything they’ll need, and the knowledge of how to set up a system correctly. We’ll help you replace your old ductless system, or provide you with a brand new one that meets your comfort standards.

Heat Pump Installation

Don’t you hate it when you call a "professional" HVAC technician who will provide all these AC services but draws the line at heat pump installation? Heat pumps are used by so many customers in our community, that it does them a disservice not to install them. That’s why we train extensively to be able to bring you comprehensive heat pump installation as well as heat pump replacement services.

No, heat pump replacement shouldn’t "take longer" than central AC replacement, or ductless replacement. A competent team like ours can be in and out of your house in a matter of hours to remove the old system and install the new one. We’ll even stick around to run it with you and make sure you feel as comfortable as you want to—no extra charge!