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Central Air Conditioner Services in Pine Bluff, AR

Central air conditioners are incredibly common in Pine Bluff, AR. This is a good thing, because they’re some of the most affordable and effective cooling systems on the market. A central air conditioner will easily cool your home during our scorching hot summers if it’s set up correctly and sized appropriately. You’re going to need a team of professionals to provide that installation service—and we’re ready when you are!

Here at Nicholson's Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., we’re committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction through our central air conditioning work. This comes with our strict dedication to training our staff, using some of the most expensive equipment available, and stocking our trucks so that we can complete our job on the road. Give us a call and let us handle your central AC problem today!

Cool your whole home with the help of our team. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Central AC Installation

Before we can get into the nuts and bolts of a central air conditioner installation, it’s important that you know just what we offer. There are two main types of central AC installations we perform and we’d like to differentiate the two:

  • Standard central AC. Cool your whole home with no questions asked. These systems simply get the job done and we can set you up with one today!
  • Inverter AC. An inverter air conditioner saves energy and lowers monthly costs by running at different speeds depending on your cooling needs.

Are you unsure as to what type of air conditioner would best suit your home? No problem! Give our team a call today so that we can give you a consultation and our expert opinion. Let’s work together to ensure you get the best central AC care imaginable.

Central AC Replacement

Did you know that central air conditioners are only really meant to last between 10–15 years? And that’s usually with yearly maintenance and fast repairs when they’re needed. If an air conditioner is neglected, chances are it will begin to fail a lot sooner than that, and you’ll need to plan for this appropriately. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with solutions that we know you’ll like.

We provide expert central AC replacement services for any home that needs it in Pine Bluff, AR. We don’t beat around the bush, we’re a team of down to earth, dedicated professionals who just want to provide you with sensible and affordable cooling. We’ll be in and out of your home, safely and swiftly, to set up your new central AC system. We’ll even stick around to ensure it works to your standards!

Central AC Repair

When you run into a problem with your central AC, it’s important to call us. Take a look below and let us know if any of these occurrences seem familiar.

  • Hissing or bubbling
  • High energy bills
  • Lukewarm air
  • Electrical problems
  • Short cycling

These issues can signal that something significant is wrong with your system. We repair systems with refrigerant leaks, clogged air filters, dirty coils, failed compressors, and more. We’ve dealt with units that have had practically everything go wrong with them, so we know how to handle just about any issue. We even provide central AC maintenance services in Pine Bluff, AR, so we can help curb your repair needs by making seasonal adjustments every year to keep your system in working order.