DIY AC Repairs Aren’t as Good as They Sound

May 9th, 2022

It feels great to do a project on your own. When you do something DIY, you get to do it at your own pace, with your own rules, and nobody can tell you what to do! It’s truly a freeing feeling, so we don’t want any of our readers to think that we’re not all for home projects. Go out and build that garden this spring, or try building that new computer yourself! There are some amazing guides online that you can follow to set yourself up for success.

However, air conditioning repair is not one of those projects. AC repair is more tedious, more expensive, and it’s often less rewarding when you try to do it yourself. Seriously, we’ve seen DIY air conditioning repair in Redfield, AR turn out to be a disaster, and we’re here to help other customers avoid this same fate.

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Air Conditioning Repair? Call in the Professionals and Save Money

April 25th, 2022

When it comes to a misbehaving or broken HVAC system, homeowners may have been led to believe that taking the DIY route will save them time and money. In reality, the opposite is true. 

Unfortunately, there are many DIY tutorials on the internet that make it seem as if fixing a broken heating or air conditioning unit is a safe, easy job. But not calling in a professional can end up being expensive or unsafe. 

If you need AC repair, we are here to help. But in the meantime, we have compiled the following guide to alert you to the pitfalls of home repair, from the downright dangerous to the simply impractical.

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Is Your AC Too Large or Too Small?

April 11th, 2022

The size of an air conditioner is an important thing to consider. Too often we find homeowners asking for the “largest AC they can afford,” thinking that this will actually make them feel more comfortable or lead to better energy efficiency. But that’s far from the truth.

Your air conditioner needs to be specifically sized for your home. It’s one of the main problems with amateur AC installation because oftentimes amateurs don’t have the proper training or technology to accurately measure the air volume of your home. Then, when your air conditioner that’s too small or too large starts faltering, it can feel like a big slap in the face.

If you’re in a situation where your anxiety is driving you to furiously search online for a solution, then don’t worry. Our team specializes in this kind of work, and we provide air conditioning replacement in Pine Bluff, AR at an affordable rate!

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A Central Air Conditioner Is an Efficient Upgrade

April 4th, 2022

When it comes to whole-home air conditioners, there are plenty of models on the market that will work well for you. Energy efficiency ratings are only getting better, and we’ll walk any homeowner through the process of purchasing a new unit. Your options are extensive!

What’s hard to hear are the countless stories of homeowners with window AC units that suck up too much energy and barely provide any comfort. These systems are just not as effective or efficient as a centralized unit, and some people don’t know how much money they’re spending on such a small improvement.

If you’re one of those homeowners who has been using a window AC unit and you’re ready to upgrade, but you don’t really know where to start, then why not begin with this blog? We’ll walk you through one of the most basic systems, a central air conditioner in Pine Bluff, AR, and talk about why it’s more efficient than your small, window unit.

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Is Refrigerant Dangerous to Inhale?

March 21st, 2022

The short answer to this question is no, but that it can become dangerous when left in an enclosed space. While refrigerant isn’t as dangerous to a home as natural gas or smoke might be, it’s still not a good sign when you’ve got refrigerant leaking. There are some major scientific facts about refrigerant that you should know, since they heavily impact whether or not inhaling refrigerant will be dangerous.

This blog post is all about the chemical composition of refrigerant, what happens when it leaks or when you inhale it, and why professional AC repair in Pine Bluff, AR is so important. Leaks always need to be patched, and even if you think your system didn’t lose that much refrigerant, it needs to be recharged by a professional so it’s ready for the hot spring and summer temperatures to come.

So, let’s talk about refrigerant and why you should be wary of a leak.

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What’s Wrong With Your Heat Pump?

February 28th, 2022

We talk a lot about furnace repairs on this blog because gas furnaces are still the most common heating system in America, and especially in our area, but that’s quickly changing. More and more homeowners are switching to heat pump technology, especially in mild climates like our own. That means there are more people like you searching online for help with a heat pump problem that might need professional attention.

So, do you need heater repair in Pine Bluff, AR? Or perhaps you’re not really sure if your heat pump is just going through a rough patch. Either way, our team is available to help.

Today, we’re going to discuss a few of the most common problems we see in heat pump systems. We’ll talk about why they happen, what’s going on under the hood of the unit, and how you can take the next steps to alleviate them.

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Is Your Heater Reliable Enough for Your Home?

February 14th, 2022

What does reliability mean to you? When we ask you what’s reliable in your life, what do you think of? Are there reliable people who will always be there to help you when you need them? Is your car reliable enough to get you to work every day without breaking down? These are the aspects of reliability that we want you to be thinking about when you focus on your heater.

When you’re trying to decide on heater repair in White Hall, AR, it’s important to look at the big picture. How long will these repairs last? Are there other components in your heating system that are going to break down? If things are looking bleak, then your heating system might not be as reliable as it should be. That’s why we’re going to talk about how to figure out whether your heater is reliable.

Keep reading to learn a few tips to understand the reliability of your heater and how to make your system more dependable in a pinch.

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Top 5 Heater Noises to Be Wary of

January 17th, 2022

Heaters can make a lot of noise, but they’re usually a sign that they need to be fixed so they can stop making noise. We’re not here to tell you which noises are good and which noises are bad. In fact, if your heater is making a loud noise that’s bothersome, we recommend you call our team for support regardless of what the noise sounds like. If you take anything away from this blog, it should be that noises aside from a gentle whirring and the sound of a swift warm breeze are always bad.

Now, let’s talk about why we’re really here. Homeowners might know that their heating system can make noises when it’s in trouble, but they’re not accustomed to some of the noises a heater can make. When it comes to heating in White Hall, AR, there are a few sounds that are more common than others. From booming to buzzing, we’ll tell you about the most common sounds we hear coming from malfunctioning heating systems, and what they signify.

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Heating Maintenance Is Worth the Money

January 3rd, 2022

It’s heating season, which means that we’re depending on our heating systems daily. It can be easy for a heating system like a gas furnace or a heat pump to get stressed out with just how much we use them, but there are solutions out there that can make things better. Heating maintenance is one of those solutions that is designed to alleviate the stress we put on our systems so that they work as intended.

Think about it: when you get your oil changed in your car, it’s to make sure it runs properly for the next year or so. This process alleviates stress and allows for peace of mind while you use your dependable vehicle. The same thing goes for a heating system. When you invest in heating maintenance in Pine Bluff, AR, you’re alleviating stress on the system and giving it the attention it deserves before it works hard to keep you comfortable.

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Is Your Home Perfect for Ductless Heating?

December 20th, 2021

A ductless mini split in Pine Bluff, AR isn’t a pipe dream. Many homes in our area are already using these heating systems and your home could be next. The big hurdle we’re coming across now is homeowners who just don’t know enough about this technology to make a full investment into ductless HVAC systems. We understand the hesitation: it’s a lot of money to put down on something you might not understand, but we’re here to help alleviate that problem.

You see, we’re literally ductless mini split experts, and we can help answer all of your questions about ductless HVAC systems that you might have. From their energy consumption to how well they work, we’ll give you the lowdown on this type of technology.

And finally, we’ll end by helping you determine whether a ductless heating system is right for your home, or if you might want to go with a different unit.

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