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Serving Pine Bluff, AR & The Surrounding Areas


Serving Pine Bluff, AR & The Surrounding Areas

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Air Conditioning Repair? Call in the Professionals and Save Money

When it comes to a misbehaving or broken HVAC system, homeowners may have been led to believe that taking the DIY route will save them time and money. In reality, the opposite is true. 

Unfortunately, there are many DIY tutorials on the internet that make it seem as if fixing a broken heating or air conditioning unit is a safe, easy job. But not calling in a professional can end up being expensive or unsafe. 

If you need AC repair, we are here to help. But in the meantime, we have compiled the following guide to alert you to the pitfalls of home repair, from the downright dangerous to the simply impractical.

HVAC DIY is unsafe

There are good reasons why professionals undertake training and require certifications to fix heating and/or AC units. Some dangers linked to HVAC DIY include:

  • Toxic fumes 
  • Risk of electrocution
  • Flammable pressurized gas

These safety risks are generally why HVAC retailers do not sell parts to non-professionals. Without proper training, you could put your household at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or fire just by making one small mistake.

Repairs are difficult and time-consuming

There are hundreds of moving parts in your HVAC system. Attempting to identify and correctly fix the issue yourself will leave your home without heat or air conditioning for longer than necessary. Professionals have spent a great deal of time learning the intricacies of different kinds of heating and air systems and will certainly be the swiftest route to solving your problems.

More bills, less energy efficiency

Carrying out your own repairs may cause your air conditioner or heating system to operate at a lower level of efficiency. This will lead to higher monthly costs for you, as well as being the less environmentally friendly option.

DIY repairs cost more 

By the time you have the right tools and parts to fix your unit, you’ll likely have already spent more than if you’d called a professional. And if you make a mistake you’ll end up having to pay more money to fix it!

You may void your warranty and break the law

Many AC warranties require professional maintenance, so your DIY work could immediately void your policy. There are also complicated legal codes in place surrounding HVAC maintenance and installation, which vary regionally.

Contact us for all your air conditioning and heating needs

As you can see, there are so many reasons why home repairs just aren’t a good idea, however small the issue may seem. 

Here at Nicholson’s Heating and Air Conditioning, we provide AC repair in Pine Bluff, AR, and the surrounding areas. Our team has an 85% first call-out completion rate, which means we can usually fix problems on the same day that we evaluate them. 

Our services are cost-effective and customer-focused, and we have fantastic reviews from our valued customers to back this up! We also understand how important your comfort and time are, so we offer 24/7 emergency services for homeowners in need, and GPS tracking on our trucks.

Contact Nicholson’s Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Goal! We look forward to helping you!

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