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Serving Pine Bluff, AR & The Surrounding Areas


Serving Pine Bluff, AR & The Surrounding Areas

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A Central Air Conditioner Is an Efficient Upgrade

When it comes to whole-home air conditioners, there are plenty of models on the market that will work well for you. Energy efficiency ratings are only getting better, and we’ll walk any homeowner through the process of purchasing a new unit. Your options are extensive!

What’s hard to hear are the countless stories of homeowners with window AC units that suck up too much energy and barely provide any comfort. These systems are just not as effective or efficient as a centralized unit, and some people don’t know how much money they’re spending on such a small improvement.

If you’re one of those homeowners who has been using a window AC unit and you’re ready to upgrade, but you don’t really know where to start, then why not begin with this blog? We’ll walk you through one of the most basic systems, a central air conditioner in Pine Bluff, AR, and talk about why it’s more efficient than your small, window unit.

How Central AC Systems Operate

A central air conditioner is more efficient than a window unit, but it still costs more both to operate and to install. This is due to the amount of cooling power it produces, and the fact that it cools your entire home. However, for homeowners with multiple, small window units, the installation and operation of a central AC might actually save you money.

Central air conditioners have an outdoor cabinet and an indoor system. The indoor system cools air and then transfers the residual heat outdoors where it’s dispersed. Instead of operating at a window, it operates inside and then outside separately.

Since your air conditioner can cool all of the air of your home in one place, it can do this in a centralized way, concentrating power and efficiency in one simple process.

From Coils to Air Ducts

Central air conditioners use coils and pressurized refrigerant to cool air, but how does that air get to you? A window unit simply blows the air into your room, but how can a central air conditioner cool an entire home? Well, that comes with air ducts!

Once the cooled air is created by your central air conditioner, it’s sent into your air ducts where it can be dispersed through each and every room in your home. If you’ve got a furnace or a forced-air heating system, this AC will just use the ducts you already have!

Don’t worry, if you’re nervous about the cost of installing an air conditioner and air ducts, you don’t have to. Ductless air conditioners are a great and cost-effective choice for homeowners upgrading from a window unit.

Upgrade Your Efficiency With a Centralized System

A central air conditioner might not seem as cool or nifty as some of the other systems we install, but don’t let that fool you. Central air conditioners developed today are incredibly powerful and efficient. They will easily be able to cool a home of any size, and they’re an incredible upgrade from a window AC unit. Let’s treat your home right by upgrading your cooling system to one that can stand the heat.

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