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Serving Pine Bluff, AR & The Surrounding Areas

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How Does Maintenance Improve Efficiency?

We talk a lot about air conditioning maintenance on this blog, but we don’t really ever talk about how it relates to efficiency. Sure, we’ll say over and over again that regular air conditioning maintenance improves efficiency, but what exactly does that mean? How does maintenance improve efficiency?

These are the right kinds of questions to ask, because we’re the team that’s got answers for you! Our air conditioning maintenance in Star City, AR is comprehensive and proven to help keep efficiency levels high. That’s because our staff is expertly trained and we know exactly how an air conditioner should work, while we make the necessary adjustments and improvements, allowing your system to perform optimally.

So, let’s talk about AC maintenance and the specifics behind it. We’ll cover what actually happens during a maintenance appointment, and why it’s so important for the efficiency of your air conditioner.

What Happens During Maintenance

Firstly, let’s talk about how maintenance works. Our professionals inspect, clean, and adjust the interior components of your air conditioner with a steady hand. This means lubricating certain ball bearings to eliminate or reduce friction, cleaning coils so that they achieve maximum power and contact with the air, as well as the adjustment of certain parts so that they run smoothly.

The main reason why maintenance is performed this way is to extend the lifespan of your system and allow it to work effectively. An effective air conditioner is going to cool your home to the degree that you want it to, and it’s also going to keep your energy bills low.

That’s where the energy efficiency piece of the puzzle comes into play. Through AC maintenance, an air conditioner will use less energy for the following reasons.

How Maintenance Improves Efficiency and Comfort

Firstly, let’s talk about lubrication and friction. The more metal-on-metal friction your air conditioner deals with, the more heat is created and the more problems the system runs into. By keeping things lubricated and cleaned, your air conditioner will run smoothly and optimally, only using the bare minimum amount of electricity necessary.

Likewise, when a professional cleans the coils of your air conditioning system, they’re also enabling the coils to absorb more heat than they would otherwise. This means your system is able to run at full capacity with less energy usage.

Even some of the electrical components of your air conditioner require maintenance, as well as the air filter and outdoor cabinet. Each of these components requires cleaning and adjustments if they’re misaligned or not working efficiently.

Why Does This Matter?

All of these small changes, repairs, and adjustments add up. It’s estimated that each skipped maintenance appointment contributes to a loss of 5% of your system’s energy efficiency. This might not seem like a lot, but over time, you could see a huge increase in your energy bill and the degradation of both your air conditioning system and your budget.

Energy efficiency is the name of the game, and it’s going to determine the course of your budget for the next years or even decade! Make sure you’re improving your home efficiency by investing in our AC maintenance program.

Contact Nicholson’s Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. to sign up for maintenance today. Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Goal!

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