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Serving Pine Bluff, AR & The Surrounding Areas


Serving Pine Bluff, AR & The Surrounding Areas

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What Constitutes an HVAC Emergency?

We use the word “emergency” quite often to talk about our lives. From fire emergencies to flooding emergencies, these things can happen and completely catch us off-guard. While our team offers 24/7 emergency services for homeowners in need, it begs the question—what is an HVAC emergency?

We can answer that question! We’re your local HVAC company in Stuttgart, AR that specializes in addressing and repairing HVAC emergencies. From air conditioners that are growing mold and shutting down during a heatwave, to furnaces that are starting to leak carbon monoxide, our team has the skills and training to address these problems head-on.

Let’s talk about when you might encounter an HVAC emergency and what that might look like. Then, we’ll talk about steps you can take to ensure your home is in good shape going forward. Just remember to give us a call. We’ve got your back!

Safety, Comfort, Efficiency

When you’re dealing with an HVAC emergency, these three factors should be front and center. Obviously, the most important factor of HVAC work is safety. Comfort and efficiency are important aspects of an HVAC system, and losing either could constitute the need for emergency services at an inconvenient hour. Let’s break it down even further so you know when you’re dealing with a system that requires immediate attention.


First, it’s important that your HVAC system runs safely. Many homeowners in our area are starting to pull out their furnaces for the inevitable fall and winter temperatures. However, if your gas furnace starts smelling like smoke, or like it’s leaking gas, then you’re going to need emergency HVAC repairs as soon as possible. This is just as urgent when your carbon monoxide alarms go off as well.

For air conditioners, sometimes they could start growing mold in the inside which propagates a foul odor throughout your home. If this is happening, you should call our team for emergency repairs since this could become a health concern. Keep this in mind especially if you’ve got a sensitive respiratory system.


Next is comfort. If temperatures are above one hundred degrees and your air conditioner has completely broken down, you’re dealing with a comfort emergency. Waiting for help with your AC system could cause you a lot of discomfort and seriously hinder your entire day.

Likewise, if it’s cold out and your furnace breaks down in the middle of the night, you’re going to want professional help to get it running again. This is vital, because a problem in comfort could quickly turn into an even worse experience if it happens at an inconvenient time.


You probably live on a pretty tight budget when you’re saving up for things. You might be looking to take a vacation or visit some family that’s far away, but without the savings that could be impossible. If your HVAC system is starting to run up your bills to the point where it’s unaffordable in the long term, then you need to contact us for HVAC repairs that can get things back to where they should be. There’s no need to waste energy and money with an inefficient AC or heater.

Contact Nicholson’s Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. for emergency HVAC service. Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Goal!

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