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Serving Pine Bluff, AR & The Surrounding Areas

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Why Homeowners Still Choose Central AC

Central air conditioners are still widely used among many homeowners in the United States. When it comes to air conditioning service in Woodson, AR, there are plenty of people who still look at us to install a new central air conditioning unit in their home. If you’re an HVAC industry veteran, or a heat pump enthusiast, then you might be wondering why this kind of system still gets used as much as it does.

Well, we’ll tell you! Central air conditioners have a lot of factors that make them reliable and trustworthy units. Not only that, but for a variety of reasons they’re more affordable than heat pumps or ductless HVAC systems.

If you need a new AC unit for the upcoming summer, or you’re looking for a good financial decision that keeps your home comfortable, then keep reading. We promise you’ll get the answers you’re looking for!

Reliability Is Worth It

Often, homeowners just want a reliable cooling system that will keep things comfortable indoors. You don’t need some high-tech heat pump or a ductless mini split to achieve this goal. Especially if your home has a robust heater already installed, a central air conditioner could be the perfect solution for those hot summer months where you just need a reliable AC unit.

Think about this—central air conditioners have been around for a long time. This means that there isn’t really a team of professionals who doesn’t know how to work on them, or provide affordable repairs. Compare this to a ductless system or a heat pump, these units aren’t as widely used and some local professionals just don’t have the training or knowledge to work on these systems.

While we work on all of them, we understand if you might want to get an air conditioner that’s more commonly worked on.

Affordability Is Key

Central air conditioners are the most affordable air conditioning systems on the market that can cool an entire home. Sure, you can lug a bunch of individual portable air conditioners into your home, but they’ll suck up all of the energy in your house and cost a fortune to maintain. Central air conditioners truly are the most affordable systems available and homeowners will still choose them as long as this remains true.

Your budget is very important! Sure, some HVAC salespeople might try to sell you a ductless heating and cooling system, but you might not actually need one. That’s why a central air conditioner could be the perfect solution for your home, even if it’s not the solution for other homes.

High Efficiency

People don’t often associate central air conditioners with high efficiency, but with every coming year and new central AC models that are manufactured, they get better and better at cooling homes without much energy usage. A central air conditioner that’s manufactured today could have a SEER rating that is in the mid-twenties, which is incredibly high compared to the older models that people often think about.

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