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Serving Pine Bluff, AR & The Surrounding Areas


Serving Pine Bluff, AR & The Surrounding Areas

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How a Generac Generator Works for Your Home

Installation of a large generator system.

You’ve experienced one too many blackouts. The uncertainty of your power suddenly cutting out doesn’t help you sleep at night. You need a generator that works tirelessly.

Generac generators are the solution. Instead of searching for “Generac generators near me” and finding a ton of confusing results, allow us to walk you through which generators make the most sense for your home.

Generac Generators Run on Propane or Natural Gas

When the electricity goes out, your Generac generator knows to turn on and keep the lights running. Because it runs on propane or natural gas, it may take up to 30 seconds for your generator to fire up and restore electricity to your entire home. This depends on how much electricity your home typically uses and what devices are still on when the power goes out.

This connects to your existing propane line or natural gas line to offer continuous energy. There are no tanks for you to refill or emergency propane containers you need to keep on-hand. It just keeps running until your primary electricity supply comes back online.

You Can Run a Generac Generator for as Long as You Need

You never know how bad a power outage is going to be, or how long it’s going to last. Thankfully, you can run a Generac generator 24 hours a day.

While you can run a Generac generator for as many days in a row as you need, it’s recommended to shut it off for 15 minutes after every 24 hours of continuous use. This gives you time to check the oil levels and give it a short break.

If absolutely necessary, you could continuously run a Generac generator for more than 24 hours. They’re built tough enough to handle that much use, especially when needed for in-home life-saving equipment such as oxygen regulators.

Generac Generators Aren’t That Loud or Disruptive

Manufacturers have to keep machinery under a certain decibel rating. Your Generac generator volume may vary depending on how close it is to your home, however, it won’t surpass the noise of a standard outdoor air conditioner unit. You won’t have a headache just because you run a generator. They are notably quieter than portable generators.

Generac Generators Are Sized to Your Home

These generators come in different sizes and can be scaled to your home’s energy requirements. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, which works out better for your home. You won’t feel obligated to purchase an overly powerful system that your home can’t make use of.

With the wide range of different generators that Generac provides, you only need to consider what makes sense for your home. An installation technician will be able to help you determine your power requirements and help you choose the best generator for your home.

Generac Generator Installation

Installing a generator shouldn’t be a hassle; we make the process as easy as possible. Our technicians are highly trained, dedicated to customer satisfaction, and ready to install the perfect solution to your energy needs. It’s time to ensure your family’s comfort regardless of what happens.

Contact us to install a new generator in your home today and stop worrying about blackouts.

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