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Serving Pine Bluff, AR & The Surrounding Areas

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4 Reasons You Need Electric Furnace Maintenance

Technician working on the wiring to an electric furnace.

Your electric furnace works hard to keep your home comfortable for the whole family. With so many working parts and different elements to your electric furnace, there’s eventually a squeaky wheel that needs some grease. That’s where electric furnace maintenance comes in. Let’s talk about keeping your electric furnace going and why maintenance makes a difference.

Continued Reliability on Your Electric Heating

Nobody wants their system to fail. Without maintenance, you have no indicator of how your system is performing and whether or not certain parts need to be replaced. A breakdown will happen out of nowhere and it will disrupt your comfort.

Maintenance grants you information on your electric furnace so you can understand what repairs may come up next. There’s no need to be blindsided by future system breakdowns when you can be ahead of the curve. It’s much more important to have a reliable system than worry about saving money on annual maintenance calls.

Saving Money on Annual Energy Bills

Everywhere you look, you’ll find suggestions pointing to annual maintenance on your furnace (whether it’s gas or electric). Your furnace won’t magically shut down without maintenance after the first year without maintenance, but its efficiency will suffer.

When your electric furnace is less efficient, it has to work harder to produce the same level of comfort that you’re used to. More energy is required, your bill spikes, and all that extra time spent running your system wears it down faster. That leads us to our next point regarding breakdowns of your entire system.

Prevent Total Breakdowns

Maintenance helps reduce stress on your entire heating system. This goes for your air filtration system, blower motor, fan, belt, and heating elements. When one element of your electric furnace goes down, it can severely impact other working parts, leading to higher levels of wear and tear in a short amount of time.

Your technician will look at everything in your furnace during an inspection and maintenance check. They can determine when a part needs to be replaced, or if one element is struggling to keep up with the rest of your system.

Ensuring Longevity

Did you know that electric furnaces can last for a decade longer than gas furnaces? That is, if they’re taken care of appropriately. Your electric furnace has a long life ahead of it if it’s properly maintained.

While parts will still need to be replaced here and there, occasional replacements are better than restoring your furnace from complete breakdowns. Consistent maintenance means a long life for your electric furnace, which is on average 10 years longer than gas furnaces. In some cases, electric furnaces can last for up to 30 years.

Electric Furnace Maintenance You Can Depend On

We offer financing options to help you get back to a comfortable place without worrying about the whole bill at once. From dependable maintenance to technicians that care about your comfort, we’ll help keep the heat flowing in your home.

Contact us today for superior electric furnace maintenance. Keep your unit running all winter long.

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