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Serving Pine Bluff, AR & The Surrounding Areas


Serving Pine Bluff, AR & The Surrounding Areas

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Is Your Home Perfect for Ductless Heating?

A ductless mini split in Pine Bluff, AR isn’t a pipe dream. Many homes in our area are already using these heating systems and your home could be next. The big hurdle we’re coming across now is homeowners who just don’t know enough about this technology to make a full investment into ductless HVAC systems. We understand the hesitation: it’s a lot of money to put down on something you might not understand, but we’re here to help alleviate that problem.

You see, we’re literally ductless mini split experts, and we can help answer all of your questions about ductless HVAC systems that you might have. From their energy consumption to how well they work, we’ll give you the lowdown on this type of technology.

And finally, we’ll end by helping you determine whether a ductless heating system is right for your home, or if you might want to go with a different unit.

How Ductless HVAC Systems Work

First, let’s talk about ductless HVAC systems and how they work. They’re fairly recent inventions in the world of HVAC technology, so for something so efficient and effective, you might be wondering why it wasn’t invented before! Well, it was invented before, but you would know the prototype of this system as the air conditioner.

Air conditioning systems use electricity and a compressor to evaporate and condense refrigerant. When the refrigerant evaporates, it draws energy into it which allows your AC to cool the air. Then, the refrigerant is cycled to the outdoors where it condenses and releases the heat that it took in. This is the basic process of air conditioning.

Now, imagine a system that could do that but in reverse as well. That’s a heat pump, which can move heat from one location to another, both heating and cooling your space. And, a ductless heat pump can do all of this through air handlers that run at specific locations in your home. You can have up to four air handlers in your house all connected, cooling or heating certain rooms and areas.

Easy-to-Use Convenience

These air handlers are all placed at strategic locations and can be run individually. This means that you don’t have to fight over a central thermostat anymore! You can set one mini split to run at a cooler temperature, like in the basement where you don’t spend as much time, but warm up your bedroom to a comfortable temperature when you want to stay warm and cozy.

Incredible Efficiency

Because ductless heat pumps don’t risk losing any conditioned air through air vents, they’re incredibly efficient and can run at low monthly costs. Mix that with our mild winter temperatures, and you’ve got yourself a hyper-efficient heating system that can also function as an air conditioner for the rest of the year!

Is a Ductless Unit Right for Your Home?

Look, if you’ve already got a central air conditioner, or ductwork that’s in good shape, then you might save money overall just by investing in a furnace or some other, more affordable heating system.

However, if you think a ductless heating and cooling system could work in your house, and you’re ready to take the dive, then call us for a comfort consultation today!

Call Nicholson’s Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Goal!

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