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Serving Pine Bluff, AR & The Surrounding Areas

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Top 5 Heater Noises to Be Wary of

Heaters can make a lot of noise, but they’re usually a sign that they need to be fixed so they can stop making noise. We’re not here to tell you which noises are good and which noises are bad. In fact, if your heater is making a loud noise that’s bothersome, we recommend you call our team for support regardless of what the noise sounds like. If you take anything away from this blog, it should be that noises aside from a gentle whirring and the sound of a swift warm breeze are always bad.

Now, let’s talk about why we’re really here. Homeowners might know that their heating system can make noises when it’s in trouble, but they’re not accustomed to some of the noises a heater can make. When it comes to heating in White Hall, AR, there are a few sounds that are more common than others. From booming to buzzing, we’ll tell you about the most common sounds we hear coming from malfunctioning heating systems, and what they signify.

Top 5 Sounds That Signify a Problem

Let’s start by talking about the top five common problems that can be exhibited in sounds. Remember, just because you might know what the source of the sound is doesn’t mean you can fix it on your own. DIY repairs are a quick way to get to a heating system breakdown, so you’re going to be better off calling our team for professional repairs.

  • A booming furnace. A booming noise usually comes from a dirty burner system in a furnace. The booming is a miniature explosion that comes from gas pooling up in the combustion chamber because the ignition is covered in soot or grime and doesn’t have direct access to the gas injectors. A simple clean by a professional should do the trick and alleviate the problem. Letting this go on for too long can cause your system to crack and rupture, which can be dangerous!
  • A hissing or bubbling heat pump. Heat pumps use lines of refrigerant which can start to leak when they encounter problems. If your heat pump is hissing or bubbling, this sound corresponds to a refrigerant leak that’s occurring somewhere in your system.
  • A buzzing heater. A heating system that starts buzzing or clicking often can be the victim of an electrical problem. Buzzing and clicking noises usually come from electrical components that are failing or in need of replacement.
  • A grinding or shaking. If your forced-air heating system is grinding or shaking, this could be from a misaligned fan in the blower system that’s constantly rubbing up against its housing. It’s important to turn the system off so a professional can take a closer look.
  • Rattling or clanging. Lastly, a rattling or clanging noise can usually be attributed to a loose or broken component that’s causing mayhem inside your heating system. This needs to be addressed before this loose component causes another component to break and a cascade of issues develop.

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