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Serving Pine Bluff, AR & The Surrounding Areas


Serving Pine Bluff, AR & The Surrounding Areas

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The Importance of Air Duct Services

Unless you’ve got a ductless mini split system, air ducts are an integral part of your HVAC system. They’re responsible for transporting the cooled air from your air conditioner (or the heated air from your heater) to the rest of your home. With faulty air ducts, you could see a decrease in your home’s heating or cooling performance, your energy efficiency, and a whole host of other problems. Ductwork is supposed to be airtight, and over time through some natural processes, it can leak and run into issues.

Not every HVAC provider has the resources to provide duct services in East End, AR. This requires not only specialized training but equipment that’s the right size and the necessary certifications. Air ducts require special attention. This is a job you should only trust to a professional, and we’re going to talk about why!

Sealing Leaks

Leaks can be a big problem for your home comfort. Any conditioned or heated air that leaks from your air ducts is just not going to be felt by you or your family, meaning your home will be colder in the winter and hotter in the summer.

Air ducts run through areas of your home where they usually can’t be seen. These are places like crawlspaces, the basement, and even attics and rooftops. Air ducts have a certain aesthetic look to them that most homeowners don’t find appealing, so they’re better off left in places where they can’t be seen. However, this means that if a leak becomes evident, it can be harder to notice and cause your home’s temperature to suffer.

Improving Comfort

We mentioned briefly how leaks can cause a dip in temperature during the winter and create comfort problems—but that goes with anything that happens to your air ducts. Broken ducts, ducts with holes or gaps, or even ducts that are just falling apart, all of these will decrease the comfort of your home.

Think of it this way: your air conditioner is sized perfectly for the space in your house. It’s designed specifically to cool that volume of air. If your air ducts start leaking or can’t transport the air properly to the rooms of your house where you can feel it, the HVAC system will work harder since the thermostat is going to tell it that the job isn’t finished. This can lead to energy efficiency issues as well.

Energy Efficiency

In order for your heating or air conditioning system to work properly, it needs to run efficiently. Efficiency basically means using as little energy as possible for the job that your HVAC system does. Air ducts are a part of this system, so the more they need help, the more likely it is that your energy efficiency will start to suffer.

If the air is leaking from your ducts and into the areas of your home where you can’t feel it, your HVAC system will work twice as hard to cool or heat your home. This is unacceptable and you’ll see it reflected on your heating or cooling bills.

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