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Heat Pump Services in Pine Bluff, AR

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work with the best team available for heat pump services in Pine Bluff, AR? Much like going to a five-star hotel, homeowners dream about working with a team that’s skilled, friendly, well-trained, equipped with high tech gear, and dedicated to getting the job done. Well, we are the best team to meet your heat pump needs.

Here at Nicholson's Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., we cross every T and dot every I. We treat your equipment as if it were our own, making sure to do everything by the book. We don’t take shortcuts, we don’t mess around with your comfort, and we don’t let our customers down. If you need expert heat pump installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement, then come to us.

Contact our team today for expert heat pump support in Jefferson County. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal.

Heat Pump Installation

Heat pumps are really wonderful systems to use because of how versatile they are. They fit right in where your central air conditioner or heater used to be, use the same ductwork, but provide energy-efficient, electrically-powered heating or cooling depending on what you need. If you think your home is ready to step into the 21st century with heat pump technology, then give us a call.

Before we set up your system, we’re going to have to do some preliminary work. We need to size up your heat pump and perform a load calculation so we can tell how much air needs to be treated. If you work with an amateur, or you sign up for the cheapest heat pump installation on the market, this process might be done wrong and you could see yourself with a heap of problems later on. We will ensure that everything gets done quickly and correctly!

Heat Pump Replacement

Heat pumps are exceptionally easy to replace, as long as you have a professional do it. Amateurs might incorrectly set up the new system, or leave an old component in place thinking it still works when it doesn’t. We’re trained in working through a heat pump replacement so that your new unit is perfectly capable of keeping your Pine Bluff, AR home comfortable for years to come.

All of our heat pump replacement services act as a long-term solution for your home. We don’t want to just show up and fit a new unit in where the old one was as a "quick fix." We can discuss the differences between your new heat pump and your old system, as well as do everything we can to make you happy during our visit. Remember, our main goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps in Pine Bluff, AR can suffer from some serious repair needs. For starters, they can leak refrigerant after weather and time causes the refrigerant lines to lose integrity. The compressor can start suffering from pressure issues, and the coils could get dirty. There are many sensitive components that make up the interior of a heat pump, which is why you need a team of licensed experts who can provide quick heat pump repair.

Take a look at our heat pump maintenance program as well. We go above and beyond to provide yearly tune-ups that are designed to lighten the load of repair needs in the future. We’ll make adjustments, minor fixes, and discuss with you the condition of your heat pump system so that you can confidently go forward. With us, you get nothing short of the best heat pump maintenance and repairs available.