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Humidifier and Dehumidifier Services in Pine Bluff, AR

Our humidity is out of control down here in Jefferson County. The muggy weather on our hottest summer days can break even the most stoic southerners! You’d be crazy to think you can get through one of our summers without a dehumidifier, or one of our dry winters without a humidifier. These systems can keep us more comfortable while helping our air conditioners and heaters work more efficiently.

The team at Nicholson's Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. can help you with your humidity needs. We’ve been keeping homes comfortable ever since 1993 when John Nicholson stepped away from the Sears home comfort team and started his own family business. We emphasize good work with southern hospitality, knowing that comfortable homes make for happy customers here in Pine Bluff, AR.

Do yourself a favor and contact our team for quality humidifier and dehumidifier services. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal!

Humidifier Installation

Everything feels just right when a whole house humidifier works together with a heating system in the winter. The moisture in the air retains heat so that your heater doesn’t need to work as hard when temperatures begin to drop. Proper moisture levels also help stave off illnesses, keep your skin moisturized, and prevent other issues like chapped lips.

It’s time to call us for humidifier installation. Our team specializes in the proper set-up of whole home humidifiers, because an incorrect one can lead to many problems down the line. The all new systems we install come with a one year labor warranty, maintenance plan and a five year parts warranty so that your home’s humidity needs are taken care of.

Humidifier Repair

We repair humidifiers when homeowners in Pine Bluff, AR need our help. If you’re fighting against poor humidity control, problems with your humidifier shutting off, or you’re generally unhappy with the performance of the system, call us today. We even provide humidifier replacement services for systems that just need a complete overhaul.

Our humidifier maintenance services are designed to keep your whole home humidifier running smoothly for years to come, getting the full potential from the technology that you’ve invested in. Join our VIP club today and enjoy the benefits that come with maintenance!

Dehumidifier Installation

Chances are high that you’ve come to us for dehumidifier installation. The weather gets muggy during the summer and without a whole house dehumidifier your air conditioner is going to be working overtime. An AC that’s struggling against high moisture levels will wear down quickly and need an early replacement if nothing is done.

Dehumidifiers can not only increase comfort and make your home feel cooler, they can also increase the output of your air conditioner. We even provide dehumidifier replacement services so you can get rid of your outdated dehumidification system and replace it with something that works.

Dehumidifier Repair

With the amount of moisture we see in Pine Bluff, AR, it’s no surprise that dehumidifiers are constantly on the fritz. Air conditioners and dehumidifiers alike are cycling through gallons of moisture year after year that can create serious problems. Our team is full of dehumidifier specialists that can get to the bottom of what you need.

Nicholson's Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. provides dehumidifier repair as well as a sensible dehumidifier maintenance service that targets problems at their source. A dehumidifier that’s regularly maintained has a much lower chance of encountering problems, and you’ll feel better as a result. Give us a call and join the maintenance club! Let us handle all your indoor air quality needs.